Three equipments of Inner Mongolia customer have been shipped

A few days ago, Inner Mongolia customer's quartz sand scrubbing machine, high frequency vibration dewatering screen, desilting bucket has been shipped,

The delivery of guite equipment is three vehicles in succession, mainly for some equipment of oil fracturing sand production line.

At the same time, these equipment is also the hot sales of Guote equipment, widely used in a variety of quartz sand wet production line.

Quartz sand scrubbing machine is Guote equipment developed for quartz sand scrubbing products, but not only for quartz sand scrubbing,

Also used for other kinds of ore scrubbing, it can scrub quartz sand surface soil and impurities, scrub force, scrub clean,

And its have single chamfer and double chamfer two kinds, can choose to scrub one time or two times, can decide according to customer demand.

Inner Mongolia customer's shipment in addition to scrubbing machine, there are high frequency vibration dewatering screen and desilting bucket.

High frequency vibrating dewatering screen is a popular dewatering equipment of guote equipment, which is used in the dewatering process of oil fracturing sand and glass sand wet production line.

It can take off the moisture of the water-bearing material, and it adopts the waterproof dual-motor drive configuration, which can achieve a good effect of high frequency dehydration.

Desilting bucket is used for simple grading, desilting and concentrating equipment.

Desilting bucket has the advantages of simple structure, easy manufacture and no power consumption.It is mainly applied to some ore containing mud which affects the next separation.

Guote equipment equipment products, welcome to inquire!

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