Inner Mongolia customer's scrubber and shaker have been shipped

Recently, the quartz sand scrubber, heavy-duty vibrating screen and other accessories of Inner Mongolia customers have been shipped.


Quartz sand scrubbing machine is a special equipment for quartz sand of Evergreen of Weifang Guote Mining Equipment Co., Ltd.,


Needless to say, its hot sales and popularity are also necessary for a number of quartz sand production lines.


Since the establishment of the company, the quartz sand scrubbing machine has been widely welcomed by customers and other supporting companies as a patented product developed by the company.


Quartz sand scrubbing machine is one of the typical iconic products of Guote equipment. Its output and design success have attracted the attention of many customers.

Heavy-duty vibrating screen is a screening equipment that must be equipped in the fracturing sand production line. Its simple structure, large screening capacity and low energy consumption, easy maintenance,


Widely used in mining, coal, power, metallurgy, building materials, refractory materials, etc., for the classification of large block materials and small and medium-sized materials.


The production of heavy-duty vibrating screens of Guote Equipment uses well-equipped materials from raw materials to processing to assembly.


In particular, the sieve plate uses punching sieve plate and rubber sieve plate, there are single layer and double layer,


All kinds of sieve plates can meet the requirements of high screening efficiency, long life and non-blocking holes to achieve the effect you want!

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