The difference between magnetic separator and iron remover

The iron separator can generate a strong magnetic field during operation, which has a strong attraction. It can effectively remove the mixed magnetic impurities in the material, improve the quality of the finished material, and ensure that the crusher, grinder and other equipment can be normal and stable. Work; At the same time, it can also prevent accidents caused by iron impurities scratching the belt during the conveying of materials.
Iron separators are widely used in mining, coal preparation plants, metallurgy, glass, cement, ceramics and other industries. They can also be used in emerging garbage disposal (recycling steel in waste).
The versatility of the magnetic separator is very high, and the daily application is very wide. It is very suitable for dry or wet magnetic separation of magnetite, roasted ore, ilmenite, manganese ore, hematite and other materials with a particle size of less than 50mm. It is also used to remove iron from coal, building materials, non-metallic minerals and other materials.
Magnetic separators are mostly made of better ferrite materials or composited with rare earth magnets. In the early days, the average magnetic induction intensity on the surface of the magnetic separator of the magnetic separator was 80-400mT. With the continuous development of technology, after the magnetic separator can be made into a roll shape, the magnetic field strength has also increased to 1650mT, which is already a strong magnetic field measured at present.


Different application industries

#Iron remover is mainly used in chemical industry, ceramic industry, etc. The material containing a small amount of iron will affect the quality of the finished product if it is not processed. Therefore, it is necessary to remove the iron material with an iron separator; the magnetic separator is mainly suitable for removing the mineral iron material after mining, and the material after mining contains Large amounts of iron materials, such as hematite, need to be removed before being put into production.
Equipment manufacturing process is different
#Magnetic separator is mainly composed of a frame and magnetic mechanical accessories, and its production process is more complicated than that of the iron separator; the iron separator mainly uses a kind of permanent magnet material (ferrite and neodymium iron boron, etc.), which has undergone special After the process is processed, it is combined again.
Different working methods
# When the magnetic separator is in the process of removing iron from materials, it needs continuous rotation to pick out the iron; during the operation of the iron remover, it can easily remove the iron without power operation.
In fact, strictly speaking, the difference between the two equipment is not too great. The main reason is that the iron separator is used to select the iron with less iron content in the mineral material, while the magnetic separator is to select the material with more iron content. Iron out.
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