GTF Mineral powder dry separator machine


Used for the pre-selection of low-grade magnetite and dry ore with a particle size of 0~16mm and taste between 5%~20%, it can effectively improve the grade of grinding and reduce the cost of ore dressing.

Outstanding advantages

By using the principle that the magnetic substance can be attracted by the permanent magnet, a semi-circular magnetic system with a large magnetic field is designed inside the drum through which the material is flowing.
When the material flows through the magnetic field, the magnetic ore is instantly captured by the powerful magnetic force and adsorbed on the surface of the semicircular magnetic system.
When the magnetic material is brought to the lower non-magnetic region, it falls to the concentrate outlet under gravity. Non-magnetic ore or ore with lower iron grade can freely flow through the magnetic field to the tailings outlet under gravity.

Introduction of working principle

Introduction of Technical Parameters

Main technical parameters
Model Specification  Rotating speed(r/min)   Magnetic strength(mt) Capacity(t/h) Dimension(mm) Power(kw) Weight(kg)
Tube diameter(mm) Tube length(mm)
GTF-0818 800 1800 0-50

 according to the nature of the mineral

55-70 3455*1150*1940 11 3300
GTF-0821 800 2100 0-50 70-85 3755*1150*1940 15 3900
GTF-0824 800 2400 0-50 85-100 3915*1340*2035 18.5 4450
GTF-1021 1000 2100 0-50 120-150 4815*1340*2035 18.5 4800
GTF-1024 1000 2400 0-50 160-200   18.5 5370
GTF-1030 1000 3000 0-50     30 6250

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