GZS Horizontal sand processing line


     The equipment is the new quartz slab sand production line developed by our company through several years’ working experience
It can directly process materials from 300mm to qualified products with 4-120 mesh size. The advantages are as follows: Reducing process flow and decrease the consume of the equipment, Improve the purity of the materials and Optimize design make the production in various sizes following the customer’s requirements.

Outstanding advantages

     1.The sand production rate is high the scientific output structure rate of finished products up to 95% for 4-120mesh size
     2.Whole equipment was going on with advanced wear resistant defending. The inner layer of ball mill can be made of ceramic or quartz. And choose ceramic ball or quartz ball as grind medium. The whole classify system takes potsherd defending so that the whole production don’t touch metal to guarantee the product’s purity and prolong the equipments’ service time.
     3.The finished particle is good in shape and be better for quartz slab production. The barrels  rolling speed have two different design (constant speed and frequency control speed) to match the best grinding efficiency
     4.Dust collector installed for whole equipment and avoiding dust pollution for working site.
     5.Simple and reasonable structure avoiding problem and easy for maintenance.

Introduction of working principle

     Materials with size less than 450mm entered the mill via the feeder. The mill inner layer will be installed quartz/ ceramic liner protection.
The mill barrels will turn around and take the materials to high point and down and the materials will be acted and grinded together. The size required material will be output from screen and finished whole processing. The materials output from mill will be firstly screened, the material with size above 4mesh will be returned back into mill for grinding again, the material with size below 4mesh go through magnetic separator and be screened again until to get 4-6mesh/6-8mesh/8-16mesh/16-26mesh/26-40mesh/40-70mesh/70-120mesh and above 120mesh materials.Whole processing equipment will be installed dust collector and confirm no dust pollution for working site.

Introduction of Technical Parameters

Model                   Diameter of the drum           
Length of the drum           

 Main motor power                    


Total power         


Rotate speed                        
Feeding particle size           
Production particle size
GZS1925 Φ1900 2500 45 55

Constant speed or variable

frequency  adjustable

≤300 4-120                1.0-2.0
GZS1930 Φ1900 300 45 55 ≤300 4-120                           1.5-2.0
GZS2125 Φ2100 2500 55 70 ≤300 4-120 1.5-2.5
GZS2130 Φ2100 3000 55 70 ≤300 4-120 2-4
GZS2435 Φ2400 3500 75 90 ≤300 4-120 4-6
GZS2640 Φ2600 4000 90 120 ≤300 4-120 5-10
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