GTYZ Circular vibrating screen


     GTYZ circular vibrating screen has simple structure, large screening capacity, low energy consumption and easy maintenance. It is widely used in mining, coal, electric power, metallurgy, building materials, refractory materials, etc. to classify large block materials and medium and small granular materials.

Outstanding advantages

1. The excitation force can be randomly controlled to facilitate modular design and use.
2. The simplification of the screen structure trend is conducive to improving the manufacturing process and assembly accuracy of the equipment.
3. Use a flexible joint such as a cross-axis joint drive shaft or a rubber coupling to run smoothly.
4. Screening machine has high screening efficiency, large amount of processing, long service life and long service life.
5. The equipment maintenance is simple and convenient, and the overall operation efficiency is obvious.

Introduction of working principle

     GTYZ series vibrating screen is mainly composed of screen box, screen, vibrator and damping spring. The vibrator is installed on the side plate of the screen box and driven by the motor to rotate through the coupling, generating centrifugal inertial force and forcing the screen box to vibrate.
GTYZ series vibrating screen is a seated installation. The adjustment of the tilt angle of the screen surface can be achieved by changing the height of the spring support. The sieve plate has perforated sieve plates and rubber sieve plates, which are of single layer and double layer. All types of sieve plates can meet the requirements of high screening efficiency, long service life, and no blocking holes. The motor can be flexibly mounted on the left or right side of the screen frame.

Introduction of Technical Parameters

Mode                       Feeding particle size (mm)              Sieve pore size (mm)               Capacity(t/h)

Motor model              Power(kw)         

Reference weight (kg) Double-amplitude (mm)
GTYZ1230 ≤150       10-80 75-245 G160M-6 7.5 2800 6-10
GTYZ1530 80-255                    G160M-6     7.5         3440
GTYZ1536 95-310 G160M-6 7.5       3650
GTYZ1836 115-370 G160L-6 11 5310                              
GTYZ1848 150-490 G160L-6                    15 6410
GTYZ2045 ≤200 10-100 165-520 G180L-6 15                     8900 8-12
GTYZ2060 170-550 G200L1-66 18.5          1100
GTYZ2148 175-570 G225M-8 22 10700
GTYZ2160 220-715 G225M-8 22 11900                    
GTYZ2460 250-810 G250M-8 30 13600
GTYZ3060 300-960 G250M-8 30 16800
GTYZ1230 ≤150 10-80 75-245 G160M-6 7.5 3200 6-10
GTYZ1245 75-250 G160L-6 11 3780
GTYZ1530 80-255 G160L-6 11 4650
GTYZ1536 95-310 G160L-6 11 5100
GTYZ1836     115-370 G180L-6 15 4650  
GTYZ1848 150-490 G200L1-6 18.5 8200
GTYZ2060 ≤200 10-100 170-550 G225M-8 22 12500 8-12
GTYZ2148 1750-570 G225M-8 22 13000
GTYZ2160 220-715 G225M-8 30 15500
GTYZ2460 300-810 G225M-8 30 18500

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