glass sand processing line


Preliminary consideration of the beneficiation process of this beneficiation production line is:

"raw ore----crushing----pre-screening-----scrubbing----desliming----coarse particle classification-----concentration----fine particle classification----plate magnetic separation----concentration----dewatering----drying----screening---- packaging----finished Product"

Outstanding advantages

1.Mature technology, energy conservation and environmental protection! High purity without pollution. Adopting reasonable technological equipment, it can save power consumption and realize zero discharge of sewage and dust.
2.The equipment is simple to operate and highly automatic. The production line is elaborately designed with advanced circuit control system, which not only saves manpower but also lowers the operating threshold of the production line.
3.Large output, uniform product particle size and higher sand forming rate, the whole production process is graded by cylinder screen, blocking and classifier for many times, which not only improves the efficiency of the production line, but also reduces the loss of raw ore and controls the content of tail powder.
4.High quality products can effectively reduce the content of quartz sand iron. We have rich experience in quartz sand production line. The whole process is not only equipped with advanced iron removal equipment, but also controlled at the source to reduce sand pollution in the process as much as possible.

Introduction of working principle

General process flow is: Raw ore -- coarse crushing -- medium crushing -- pre-screening -- grinding -- desliming -- coarse grain classification -- desliming -- plate type magnetic separator -- high gradient vertical ring magnetic separator -- fine grain classification – dehydration. The process of wet quartz fine sand production.

The forklift truck feeds the raw ore into the hopper, and a conveyor is placed at the end of the silo. The raw ore from the tail is distributed to the jaw crusher (rough breaking) directly below through the conveyor and the vibration feeder, for preliminary crushing. After that, the crude material produced is transported from the conveyor to the fine crushing machine for further crushing. The fine stone material is put into the vibrating screen, and two kinds of stones and stones of different sizes are screened out. The material under the screen enters the rod mill. The material from the rod mill is sorted by the cylinder screen and returned to the rod mill on the screen. Material under the screen enters the hindered sedimentation machine and hydraulic classifier for classification. The finished product is removed by high field strength plate magnetic separator and high gradient vertical ring strong magnetic separator. The refined sand after iron removal is driven into the fine sand bank after dewatering by the dredge bucket.

Introduction of Technical Parameters

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